ShieldX Pro 5 gallon

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Shieldx Pro is step 2 of our proprietary two step cleaning/disinfecting and continuous protection process. PROTECTS SURFACES FOR A MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS.

ShieldX Pro is a nano-coating that imparts a durable bio static finish on surfaces. This coating is imperceptible to touch but highly effective against microorganisms and offers continuous protection for a minimum of 30 days. ShieldX Pro inhibits and prevents the spread of virus, mold and bacteria - not with poison - but by puncturing cell walls at the microscopic level.

This is EPA registered, non toxic to humans and non leaching. 

*The EPA has recognized the active ingredient in this product as being effective against viruses. 


If using a backpack sprayer you should get 2,000 - 3,000 square feet of coverage per gallon of ShieldX Pro. 

this product replaces mPale.